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An imagination lab prototyping & disseminating

 flourishing Planetary Health futures

The health of people and the planet are inextricably linked and under threat. Planetary Health is a solutions-oriented movement that addresses the relationships between human health and all life on the planet.


Planet.Health is building a translocal network of actions for planetary health, honouring and grounded by Indigenous knowledge systems + supported by emerging technologies. We're an ecosystem to imagine, prototype & disseminate flourishing Planetary Health futures. We exist for linked-up thinking and action to address problems at root, drawing on our own interwoven ecosystems. We advance the use of emerging technologies to facilitate decentralisation, ownership and agency, and to help us experiment, imagine and build with new eyes.


We're an extitute of health care practitioners, storytellers, technologists, artists, indigenous elders, architects, grassroots changemakers, lawyers, entrepeneurs, and more.


 We hold a shared desire to fundamentally re-imagine how we create and support human and planetary health - inextricably interlinked and under threat.



So often, a failure to innovate comes from a failure of imagination. Instead of the usual practice of iterating from the places we know, we imagine more radically abundant, just and vibrant futures, and backcast our practice from there.

To flex our imagination muscles, we: 

  • Come together in-person and online, with curated events and conversations

  • We utilise the imaginary and creative approaches in our thinking

  • We leverage emerging technologies: web3, AI, VR/AR; and ancient wisdoms: indigenous knowledge systems and deep listening.

  • We exist in ‘extitutes’ - between people and disciplines


By breaking siloes and bridging disciplines that rarely get the chance to speak, we accelerate and catalyse action through practical projects. 

Our extitutional projects include: ​

  • A Tongan-led whale corridor 

  • Community mental health in Kenya

  • Using AI art to re-vision planetary health futures 

  • Bringing health into the realm of public goods

  • Responding to the health impacts of climate emergencies


We propagate through

  • A roaming think-do tank

  • In-person unconferences

  • Virtual and irl ecosystems

  • Writing and communicating 

Conference paper
Speak to yourself in the metaverse (TBC!)
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