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#1 - Planet.Health 2022  
Diving into Planetary health x Blockchain


The unconference was a 3-day immersive event at the Château du Feÿ in Burgundy, France, 20-23 October 2022.

Planetary health is an interdisciplinary field, recognising human health as interconnected and interdependent with ecology and the climate - it’s a field that bridges from the micro to the systemic, and is rapidly overtaking global health as the way we think about human health, wellbeing and flourishing, especially in the context of climate change. Blockchain, or Web3, is a distributed technology that can facilitate transparency, decentralisation, autonomy, novel financing, work within and between complex systems, and much more. Yet, it hasn’t quite yet been mobilised to its full potential.


We brought together practitioners across both fields to see where we might meet and innovate togther. 

More information here. 


#2 - Planet.Health 2024 
Seeing with new eyes 


The focus of Planet.Health 2024 was to understand how we can build and sustain the mycelial infrastructure for Planetary Health action. Specifically:

  1. What does this infrastructure look like?

  2. How can it be funded and resourced?

  3. What sort of translocal action through community labs is feasible?

  4. How can our actions bridge ecology and health (SEW: Saluto-Eco-Weaving)?


We begin with curiosity and a desire for transformative systems change:

  • How can we join forces, transcend sectors and disciplines to respond to collective Planetary Health challenges?

  • How can we localise our responses and respect pluralities of knowledge and action, whilst taking these to the right scale?

  • What does a distributed, decentralised infrastructure of knowledge and practice for Planetary Health look like?  

  • How can our actions be informed by right-relationships: between ourselves, each other, and our environment?

  • How can this work be funded appropriately?

More information here

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